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Over 30,000 free E Books and softwares including chi power, chakra energy, psychic development,mind control, tarot training, hypnosis courses, magickal texts,astrology software, rune casting, I ching, dream interpretation, dowsing, crystals,memory enhancement, NLP, etc.etc,etc

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Psychic Amplifier

A superb binaural frequency system for contacting spirit or angelic presence. Works like a psychic amplifier. Amazing results... No music or subliminals . Click on the picture for a free sample


Meditation Course

A superb binaural frequency system for meditation. Alpha, theta or delta in minutes. Amazing results... No music or subliminals . Click on the picture for a free sample



A unique sound frequency system that allows you to develop or enhance clairvoyant ability naturally and safely... No music or subliminals . Click on the picture for a free sample


Solfeggio Sounds

A sensational series of musical compositions based on ancient mathematical scales and legendary frequencies.... Click on the picture for more information

Subliminal Suggestion

An amazing new subliminal system using the reverse speeching process. Works very quickly in any environment. Free samples available. Click on the picture for more information

Free Numerology Reading

" If You Have An Email Account, Now You Too Can Receive a FREE Sample Of One of the Most Strikingly Accurate Numerology Readings You Will Ever Read! " "I'm so determined to prove the astonishing power of numerology to you, that I'll happily send you a personalized sample reading based on your very own birth details -- completely free" Click on the Picture


Photographic Memory Training Course

Underground Secret Testing Lab Reveals: Most people use less than 2% of their total brain capacity... So what are you doing with YOUR other 98%? ... If you want to activate your Natural Photographic Memory... Tap into your 'Inner Genius'... and discover how to Learn at the Speed of Light...Click on the Picture


Secret Qigong Training Course

"Secrets of Chi Manipulation Revealed- The Insider Methods To The Worlds Most Extraordinary Qigong Techniques" What You've Been Searching For...Real Methods For Real Abilities... Click on the Picture


Free Yoga

Free Yoga courses, audio downloads, videos, ebooks, etc. Instant access.Click On The Picture.


Free Insomnia & Stress Products

Free Insomnia, Anxiety & Stress courses, audio downloads, videos, ebooks, etc. Instant access.Click On The Picture.



The Secret Behind The Secret

"First Time I Used This Method, It Changed My Life Forever"
This is the Secret behind the Secret
Quantum Physicist reveals how to master "The Secret"!!
From: Dr. Eric Amidi, Quantum Physicist
Be sure to read every word of this because the secret ingredient for getting everything you desire is hidden here.
If you think what you have seen in "The Secret" DVD or book was interesting, wait 'til you see what I have to show you..."The Secret Behind The Secret".
This is for those who want to Master The Secret.
Click on the picture for more information


Conversational Hypnosis

Learn the ability to influence anyone.Clients will buy from you.People will respect you Anyone will say 'yes'.Absolutely Brilliant !!!. Free samples available. Click on the picture for more information


The Secret Of Black Ops Hypnosis

These are the secrets that most people will never know about hypnosis
This material is sensational
Click on the picture for more information


The Intelligent Warrior Subliminal Video System

This Revolutionary Subliminal Messages Video Series Works INSTANTLY!
99% of the time ANYONE Who Views these Scientifically Produced Videos sees IMMEDIATE RESULTS!
Introducing The Intelligent Warrior Subliminal Video Series from SubliminalVideoMessages.com
The Pioneers of Subliminal Messages Online
Click on the picture for more information



Chakra Tuning

A superb binaural frequency system for chakra tuning and clearing. Amazing results... No music or subliminals . Click on the picture for a free sample


Sculptor Subliminal Software

Name the top3 things you want in life...then use your computer for 10 minutes each day to make them come true. Click on the above link for more information






Top 10 Free Astrology Products

The Chakra Suite

This unique combination of techniques absolutely ensures the brainwave and chakra energy patterns are tuned to exactly the right frequencies. The way the music works makes sure this happens very quickly. The chakra will then start to resonate in harmony with the dominant frequency in the brain. This stimulation will clear any blockages in that particular chakra allowing energy to flow more easily through the energy pathways. This attunes and energizes the chakra in a natural way. Each time you listen to the specific chakra vibration within the music - that chakra is stimulated and strengthened. . Click on the picture or the link above for more information


Free Astrology Reading

"I'm so determined to prove the astonishing power of astrology to you, that I'll happily send you a personalized sample reading based on your very own birth details -- completely free" Click on the Picture





The Sound Therapy Range 
available as download or CD

The Manifestation Range 
available as download or CD

The Binaural Harmonic Range 
available as download or CD


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